Want to create an environment for your family
to thrive, that works with your dynamics?
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Meeting Leigh 

As a Social Worker, wife, and mom to two gorgeous girls, I get how difficult it is to keep the harmony in our home taking into account everyone's needs and uniqueness.

I have been growing and supporting families for a decade. Through trial and error and continuous education, I create safe environments for families no matter what your family dynamics are.

After completing my BSocial Work Degree, I dived straight into the world of adoptions. On completion of a six-year internship, I obtained my Adoption Accreditation from the Department of Social Development.

I then dedicated my time and energy in gaining insight and education into the lives of children and families, with attachment being a particular interest of mine.

Creating value in your family creates value in mine. Humans, by nature, are social beings and we need to hold each other’s hands on this journey, after all, "It takes a village to raise a child" - African proverb.



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