I really wanted to start 2018 off with a bang, and I guess on some level, I have. BUT it seems as though it is taking a little longer to kick off than I anticipated. Luckily, though, one thing, that motherhood has taught me is that…


Nothing ever goes as I expected

and even better than that…




In a post on my facebook page I shared that my words for 2018 are Presence and Structure. I have been actively working on these for the first two months of 2018 and although I dont always get it right, I am definately moving in the right direction. 


So I guess it seems strange that I called this post 2018 Starts in March, yet in the same sentence I say I have been practising my mantras for 2018 for two months already.


Let me explain a little…


While trying to become more focused and present in my life, I found that it has been a real struggle and something I need to work on daily, until I read this article and something clicked in my head. During the month of March, I am going to focus on stopping these Unhealthy Mom Habits and I believe, that my manta words for 2018 will fall into place


I would really love to hear what your focus words are for 2018… Please pop over to FACEBOOK and let me know

10 Unhealthy Mom Habits That Must Stop Now