I do assessments with children to gain insight into their world – because let’s face it, the reality of children is not always the reality of their parents.

As parents, we feel that we (well most of the time) spend a lot of time with our children. We drive them around, we cook for them, we help them with homework – honestly, the list goes on. BUT do our children believe that we actually play with them?

Your child evaluates time spent together not by measuring the tasks you HAVE to for or with her. Your child evaluates their time spent with you by how much time THEY SPENT WITH YOU!

Time spent when you are not distracted, or trying to teach them something. Time spend just being together and playing together.

One of the questions I ask during the assessments I do is – “What do you and mom (or dad, or whoever) play together?” The reactions are often quite similar – “What? My mom doesn’t play!” followed by a good giggle! And that’s quite sad! This really hits me somewhere, so much so that I created a FREE Email Course tackling the very same problem. You can sign up here.

Getting you to sign up to the course wasn’t the purpose of my writing this. Quality time and playing have been something on my heart for a long time, as I really do not believe, that as parents we do it enough. A friend and I were talking about this on the beach over the holidays. I could really see that both my girls and hers’ love tanks were quite full – uninterrupted parent play time on the beach! That is what sparked the conversation. Then she forwarded me this video that has gone viral on Facebook…

It’s a real heart-wrencher, and the sad sad sad reality is that the children in this video are not the minority, but in fact, they are far from it. Please watch the video and take it in, think about it, what would your child say if I asked him or her – what do you and mommy play together? If you like drop me a mail with your answer – I’d love to hear it.