I have been struggling with something lately that I wanted to share with you. My youngest daughter pushes me, she really knows how to get under my skin, maybe it is because we are exactly the same? eeeeeek scary thought! Anyway, the last few weeks I have been working really hard and she has been particularly demanding and what we like to call “out of sync”. It’s really difficult for me to cope with this, especially when I feel under pressure and then my amazing husband (remind me to tell him that!) said one simple thing to me that changed everything…


Maybe we need to listen to what she is telling us


Boom! Just like that, I felt like an absolute hypocrite. This is what I teach people every day, this is what I tell my clients, writing about this is what is keeping my mind pre-occupied…. We need to listen to our children.

Children do not WANT to be naughty, what they want is the complete opposite and being naughty is the result of their need to be heard not being met.

So, just in that moment, I closed my laptop and centered myself. I am back to being present in my relationships, because if I am not, the overall balance of my family is out and then life is hard! Really hard!

Seeing my baby really struggling because I was not present was really tough for me, as I am sure it is for you too, . So I had to come up with a solution and hence why I created a FREE Email Course for you to do with me. You can sign up below

5 Days to a Closer Parent - Child Relationship

Starting 10 September 2018

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I look forward to doing this challenge with you, we all need it. Don’t forget to share with your friends too.

Chat soon Leigh xx

Ps – Just a side note while I was proof-reading this email – It makes my heart warm how intuned to the kids my husband has become since we have been activity working on being present and really parenting our children – YAY for us!