Talks for Moms

As  a mom, you are often the emotional rock of your family and the emotional well-being of your entire family rests on your shoulders. That is HUGE! Come and join us –  we are going to unleash your capabilities and release your potential.

5 Steps to a closer parent/child relationship

7 May 2019

8h30 – 9h30

Wellness Warehouse, Cavendish Square

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We are going to be talking about why quality time with your children smashes quantity time and why you shouldn’t wait to start really investing in the time that you spend with your children. When you child feels that they are important to you because you want to be around them you will reap the rewards of your efforts – you will see the effects in how they behave.

This is not always easy so I will be sharing some practical steps to take in order in increase the quality time you spend with your child.